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From Boy’s Life to Animal Torture to Ecology

The promise held in each Boy’s Life magazine was something I eagerly awaited for each month when I was a young man of eleven or twelve. It was not the articles (which I never read); it was not the jokes … Continue reading

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The Phenomenology of Vision Correction: an analytic plea for help

Optometry is supposed to be a science. But it is not. No dear reader it is a primitive branch of phenomenology. And as such I am calling on the help of phenomenologists everywhere to rescue this orphan child of human … Continue reading

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Take the Worldwide Flood Literally . . . A short short story

(Note: All place names have been translated from Adamic to Modern 21st Century English). Noah stared at Japheth in horror. His voice shook a little, “What do you mean an Opossum escaped at our last stop?” Noah was angry. “YOU … Continue reading

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Explaining fossils: Many worlds smashed together to make this one

I keep hearing that fossils came from some other creations out there in the far reaches of space–that our Earth is a conglomerate of the remnants of these previous creations. My kids have actually heard this in seminary. Apparently the … Continue reading

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Guest Blogging

Just in case you want to get more of my blogging (ha ha). I’ve been asked to be a two week guest blogger over at By Common Consent (

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My brain and me

For three weeks over a Christmas holiday, my children and I had been working on a computer game called Riven. We were stuck. The game involved wondering through a world picking up clues, opening hidden passageways, finding codes to open … Continue reading

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Alienation Nation

One of the plagues of modern life, as Hegel and Marx pointed out, is alienation. We are alienated in several ways. First, we are alienated from each other. Economist, Jane Jacobs believes we are heading into a new Dark Age, … Continue reading

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In trees

I’m starting a series of threads on the environment. This sets the stage for my leanings. We lived in Winton, California in a house along a country road that carved through an active San Joaquin Valley agricultural area. There were … Continue reading

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Darwinism is just too dang harsh to be good theology

In early 19th century France there lived an ambitious Polish mathematician and Hermeticist named Józef Hoené-Wronski. Wronski is most famous for guiding the enigmatic mystic Eliphas Levi in his first ventures into the Kabbalah. But that’s not why I’m bringing … Continue reading

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