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Protected: Heavenly Demographics: It’s raining men

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New science and religion online magazine

Just a quick note to let you know that there is a new science and religion online magazine: Science & Religion Today. This is the Internet incarnation of what was once one of my favorite periodicals: Science & Theology News, … Continue reading

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Volcanoes? A good reason to ignore climate change?

I love urban myths. Here’s a doozy. Volcanoes put out more C02 than humans. In fact, I even heard one that said, Volcanoes put out more C02 in a day than humans do in a year. Well, just in case … Continue reading

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Female warrior squirrels who fall in love with vampires at a wizarding school (with a brief reference to trilobites)

To get at randomness in evolution we have to take a stab at illustrating natural selection, so let’s take a hypothetical example. Suppose someone wrote a book about a vampire and a human falling in love. Just to make it … Continue reading

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Why can’t we all just get along–like scientists

Just a short pause in my discussion of randomness. I just had dinner at a small heurigen deep in the Austrian countryside. There was a group of about twenty of us, but we where seated in sixes at tables with … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Random Dandruff Thoughts

I had a random thought today while showering. I don’t know why, but you don’t hear much about dandruff these days. At least I haven’t. When I was growing up dandruff was a major topic of discussion. It was something … Continue reading

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How I went insane (but saved my cloned daughter from being turned to evil)

I sat in the bed facing the two smiling demons—leaders of the great Satan/Wal-Mart Organization that ran the hospital. They were trying to convince me that I should let them adopt a clone of my five-year-old daughter. She had been … Continue reading

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What parts of it do you believe?

Ah the lonely wanderings of the LDS evolutionary believer. First, she is under suspicion by those who think there is something suspect about the claim of even being an ‘LDS’ evolutionist. ‘Shouldn’t she at least believe in Intelligent Design?’ There … Continue reading

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Charles Darwin and Mary Anne Evans alone at the séance

Wouldn’t you have loved to have been there for this conversation? It is 1874 and spiritualism is the rage (you know: calling spirits back from the dead to knock on the pipes and lift tables off the floor). Charles Darwin … Continue reading

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