Dear Steve: Is it OK to vote for McCain?

Many people write and ask me as a Mormon Scientist: Is it OK to vote for Republican John McCain?

First let me make it clear that the First Presidency has said that as Mormons we can legitimately support either party for president. They said:

    [As a Church we] Expect its members to engage in the political process in an informed and civil manner, respecting the fact that members of the Church come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and may have differences of opinion in partisan political matters.

But how do you address the problem that McCain so blatantly goes against so many of our most cherished beliefs and indeed much of what the scriptures teach? Continue reading Dear Steve: Is it OK to vote for McCain?

Latter-day Creationism–A guest post by David H. Bailey!

The Mormon Organon welcomes guest blogger David H. Bailey! David is a researcher at the High-Performance Computational Research Department at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in Berkeley, California. He is a leading figure in the field of high-performance scientific computing. He has over 100 scientific papers in that area, but to Mormon audiences he is best known for his insightful writings about Mormonism and Science issues. Welcome David!

Nowadays most college-educated LDS people learn the basic facts of science in the area of the creation. What’s more, the inclusion of the Encyclopedia of Mormonism article on evolution into the “BYU packet” on evolution (and its endorsement by the First Presidency), surely makes clear the Church’s view on evolution. Quoting from a 1931 First Presidency letter, this short article concludes, “Leave geology, biology, archaeology and anthropology, no one of which has to do with the salvation of the souls of mankind, to scientific research, while we magnify our calling in the realm of the Church.” What an enlightened response! Continue reading Latter-day Creationism–A guest post by David H. Bailey!

Running on our inner ape

Homo erectus

I do not think running meant anything until I had been in the Army for a couple of years. We went on two-mile runs on a regular basis, but I hated it. We ran in formation in long lines, singing songs led by a drill sergeant who would shout a line and we would return it or shout back given responses. I wish I could remember some of these, but they have all disappeared except for fragments like, “A yellow bird, (echo) with a yellow bill, (echo) was sitting on, (echo) my windowsill.” Where the (echo) was us echoing what the cadence caller had just shouted/sang. There was lots of swearing. Continue reading Running on our inner ape

My Abstract for the Evolution: the Experince Conference

Evolution: the Experience is an upcoming confrence held in Melbourne, Australia in February 2009: Here is a discription.

Her left brain is nuked and she glimpses something of her spirit

I have described my own loss of mental functioning (here) and have explored the deep physicality of our brain/mind interface in this blog. In a recent book, My Stroke of Insight, Jill Bolte Taylor writes about a brain hemorrhage in which she loses the left side of her brain due to a massive stroke. Continue reading Her left brain is nuked and she glimpses something of her spirit

Guest Blogging at By Common Consent

If I’ve seemed slow on this site, it’s because I’m guest blogging over at By Common Consent. Plus, as everyone who knows me knows, I’m lazy.

I’ve done four over there so far: The dead thing in my can of tuna, Some things too sacred to share, Should we teach our children that . . . → Read More: Guest Blogging at By Common Consent

Back to the Dark Ages

Omar Nasiri author of Inside the Jihad is quoted in the New York Review of Books as saying:

    We are totally dependent on the West—for our dishwashers, our clothes, our cars, our education, everything. It is humiliating and every Muslim feels it . . . For centuries we ran far ahead of the West. We were the most sophisticated civilization in the world. Now we are backward. We can’t even fight our wars without our enemies’ weapons. New York Review of Books, quoted by Ahmed Rashid p. 22 June 12, 2008

Continue reading Back to the Dark Ages