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Can An Evolutionary Process Generate English Text? Guest Post by David Bailey!

The Mormon Organon welcomes again guest blogger David H. Bailey! David is a researcher at the High-Performance Computational Research Department at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in Berkeley, California. He is a leading figure in the field of high-performance scientific computing. … Continue reading

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Dueling Dualists: In which I use the word screwywompous

“Ah, good, Data. At least you’re functioning.” “Fully, Captain.” “Data, intoxication is a human condition. Your brain is different, not the same as–” “We are more alike than unlike, my dear Captain. I have pores, humans have pores. I have … Continue reading

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The ineffable feeling of zombiehood

One of the standard devices philosophers use to explore consciousness is the philosophical zombie. My zombie is something that looks just like me, acts like me, and in every case would do whatever I would do—except it has no conscious … Continue reading

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What is it like to be a bat—both the mammal and the baseball kinds?

What can science tell us? I want to take a few posts to explore scientific limitations (and yes there are some) and consider why those limitations should never be set in stone. And why we as LDS need not be … Continue reading

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