Darwinism and Balaam’s Ass

To many in the mid 19th century it would have been quite unremarkable to see the natural world as a sign and mark of the Creator’s hand. After all there was no other explanation. However, by the end of that century, the diversity of life would have an account that fully and surprisingly explained everything from the fossil record, to the geographical pattern of Earth’s organisms today, and even to the anatomical and embryological relationships between its parts. That explanation was evolution through natural selection. Continue reading Darwinism and Balaam’s Ass

Removing the lion-skin from the donkey

I am often amazed that Intelligent Design as gained such following among certain members of the church. Perhaps because it seems to have the ring of things we do believe. I mean we do believe that God is Intelligent after all, and we do believe that we are here by Design, so Intelligent Design must be right. Right? Wrong. Continue reading Removing the lion-skin from the donkey

Kick off the Year of Darwin by laying down $5.99

It is Darwin’s two hundredth birthday this year and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his world-changing Origin of Species. It is time to celebrate! It has been declared to be the “Year of Darwin.” Universities all over the world will be celebrating with lectures and other public events. Museums are putting up special displays. Meetings are being held. Churches are even getting involved Continue reading Kick off the Year of Darwin by laying down $5.99

Schenk Forest and Orchards

As I contemplate the New Year, I’ve been thinking about manmade semi-wild places and what they mean to me. I’m about to teach a class called Religion and the Environment. I’ve watched with interest the debates this year about protecting wild places. And while I love the wild places, lately I’ve been thinking about the sort-of wild places: parks, orchards, and places the canal on which I take my daily jog. Continue reading Schenk Forest and Orchards