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Darwinism and Balaam’s Ass

To many in the mid 19th century it would have been quite unremarkable to see the natural world as a sign and mark of the Creator’s hand. After all there was no other explanation. However, by the end of that … Continue reading

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Removing the lion-skin from the donkey

I am often amazed that Intelligent Design as gained such following among certain members of the church. Perhaps because it seems to have the ring of things we do believe. I mean we do believe that God is Intelligent after … Continue reading

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Kick off the Year of Darwin by laying down $5.99

It is Darwin’s two hundredth birthday this year and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his world-changing Origin of Species. It is time to celebrate! It has been declared to be the “Year of Darwin.” Universities all over the … Continue reading

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Schenk Forest and Orchards

As I contemplate the New Year, I’ve been thinking about manmade semi-wild places and what they mean to me. I’m about to teach a class called Religion and the Environment. I’ve watched with interest the debates this year about protecting … Continue reading

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