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Immutable Species-brought to you by the Great Apostasy

The Great Apostasy is generally considered a bad idea. Christianity, therein imbibed a whole draught of Greek philosophy which needed the Restoration to clean it up. Indeed, in the Nag Hammadi Library they not only found the writings of all … Continue reading

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If McCoy was a physicalist he was right not to trust the transporter

Pondering on those who argue consciousness is purely a physical phenomenon one day, I designed a thought experiment, (but shortly found that it was an elaboration of a thought experiment, proposed by McGinn in 1999 (although I think mine carries … Continue reading

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Tsetse flies: Why evolution and climate change matter

I thought I would give you a sense of my work in science to give a better context for what I do for a living. Plus since it involves both evolution and climate change it gives me a chance to … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

The language of faith, like that of the poet, the lover, and the mystic, does not simply relate secular facts about what occurred in history at a particular moment in time. Faith experiences and speaks of the divine initiative and … Continue reading

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Interview with dead Henri Bergson: Part IV (and last)

I’d like to welcome my guest today at the Mormon Organon studio: Henri Bergson. As many of you know Henri died in 1941 but the indefatigable Frenchman will not stay down and has agreed to be my guest today, channeled … Continue reading

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Fossil brings Dawkins into the Faith

With the discovery of a fossilized human skeleton within the rib cage of a 65 million year old Tyrannosaurus Rex, evolutionary biologists are having to rethink everything. “I can’t believe how wrong I was.” Said evolutionary defender Daniel Dennett, “I … Continue reading

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