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Significance of Rivers

My earliest memory of a river is the one behind Bobby Rorey’s house. At the bottom of his large sloping backyard, a brown river rolled slowly through this suburban neighborhood. It was about a stone’s throw across (one of mine … Continue reading

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In an act of shameless self promotion

I offer you Ronan’s review.

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Explaining Fossils (reprise): Many worlds smashed together to make this one

Continuing my Summer break I offer this: I keep hearing that fossils came from some other creations out there in the far reaches of space–that our Earth is a conglomerate of the remnants of these previous creations. My kids have … Continue reading

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When Hobbits Walked the Earth—Science in Action.

JRR Tolkien described hobbits as short, large footed and about a meter high. It is almost like he’d seen one, because apparently they were real and living on the island of Flores in Indonesia. In 2003 archeologists discovered the bones … Continue reading

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Remembering also we are part of one world

In continuing my blasts from the past, this seemed appropriate to remember on the 4th of July. This event occurred last year at a conference hosted at the UN in Vienna. I just had dinner at a small heurigen deep … Continue reading

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