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Creationists: the greatest skeptics of our age

It’s fun to watch fundamentalist creationists descend into Humean skepticism. Hume, the most hardboiled skeptic of all time (since the eighteenth century anyway), pointed out that we can’t really say that anything caused anything else. You can doubt anything. Did … Continue reading

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Fleck on how science works: beyond H0 testing, Part II

Fleck is not a name that jumps to mind when you do a cursory flip through the ‘Philosophers of Science’ channels. Yet, he seems to exemplify the best overview of what science does, more than any of the usual philosopher … Continue reading

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FYI: Dr. Eugenie Scott to speak at BYU and UVU

THE DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY of Brigham Young University Seminar Series with Utah Valley University Will present: DR. EUGENIE SCOTT From the National Center for Science Education Thursday, September 17, 2009 Seminar Presentation Q&A with Graduate Students Utah Valley University* 274 … Continue reading

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What is Science? Them ol’ hypo-deductive blues: Part I

What is science? There is no short answer. It is not, as some, even some scientists, claim just this:

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Evolution by natural selection: as fundamental as 2 + 2 = 4

Suppose someone handed you five random playing cards and you wanted to sort them in numerical order. What would you do? Why, you would use the Shell Straight Insertion method of course. Which means you take out the i_th (1st, … Continue reading

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