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Some Kenneth Miller links

Those of you who missed Ken Millers wonderful BYU address are in for a treat. A friend of mine just complied a list of things you may find useful: The Nova Program about Intelligent Design – Judgment Day: The … Continue reading

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Come see the proper response to ID: As Part of Darwin Days BYU Biology brings in Kenneth R. Miller

“Darwin, God, and Design: America’s Continuing Problem with Evolution” Dr. Kenneth R. Miller, Brown University JSB Auditorium, BYU Campus Open to the Public This Thursday, October 29 11:00 a.m. Host Monte L. Bean Museum Ken Miller has been recommended many … Continue reading

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BYU Wheatley Institute brings in “Intelligent Design” expert to combat New Atheism—Alas

Last week by some convergence of irony and slapstick naivety the Wheatley Institute at BYU brought Michael Behe to their symposium “Responding to the The New Atheism.” Here’s the write-up in the Studies & Doctrine section of Mormon Times. Why … Continue reading

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Theological Arguments about ‘Design’ Fall on Hard times

Arguments about ‘design’ in creation have been around a long time. The earliest one I’ve been able to find that explicitly explores it is from Xenophon, 4th Century BC, (and diligent readers if you know of earlier texts I would … Continue reading

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