No Niblet for You

I am actually required by law to write a post here at least every month. The judge who imposed my stint as a blogger was very clear that failure to do so would violate my parole and necessitate me being sent to the poky for many many years for crimes against nature (I violated the speed of light). Be that as it may, of late everything I write feels lame. I read it and I think, “There is no one the world that would like to read this.” It’s not that my ability has evaporated (I hope), but I my perception of ability at times slides away. Suddenly everything I do is viewed through a lens of lameness. A bout of failures usually precipitates this. In academic journals acceptance rates hover at around 20% on exceptionally bright and sunny days. That means that rejections are the norm and you are likely spend vast energies of labor and hope only to find yourself at the realization that, it’s oh no burned again. In creative publishing I know it drops below 1%. Rejection is a way of life.

Moreover, I wasn’t nominated for a Niblet, this year. Continue reading No Niblet for You

David Bailey’s amazing new science and religion site

David H Bailey (who as written some of The Mormon Organon’s most popular posts) has just developed an amazing website devoted to faith/science issues called Science Meets Religion! I invite everyone to check it out. It is well worth some in-depth exploration. Especially read his opening post “What I have Learned.” Great work David!

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