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Goodbye Alaotra grebe, it was nice knowing you

Alas, the Alaotra grebe has gone extinct. Scientists (including me) have not seen extinctions on this scale since the dinosaurs disappeared at the end of the Cretaceous. It joins a rather heartbreaking list. Here is a list of some bird … Continue reading

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BYU herpetologist documents declining lizard populations due to climate change

BYU’s own Jack Sites has for over thirty years documented the decline of lizards due to climate change. Check out the recent paper he coauthored in Science and the write-up and video at BYU. Another example in the overwhelming landslide … Continue reading

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The models of climate change

I just returned from the MS4 conference. It is the fourth year that a group of philosophers of science have gathered to try to tease apart the implications of computer simulation in science. My interest in computer simulation is in … Continue reading

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