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Summer Classics: The Shrew in my Brain: Snakes and the Evolved Body—Part II

Hopefully, you are now convinced by the evidence in Part I, that I am not afraid of snakes. The point being, not that I am fearless and brave, but this: I am jogging along the banks of the Danube. I … Continue reading

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Summer Classics: Some are born afraid of snakes, and others have snake-fear thrust upon them: Part I

Due to the extreme busyness of this summer, I’ve decided to replay some of my earlier posts that were not seen by many (less than 10, according to the data). Don’t forget that ‘Thought Experiment August’ is coming up and … Continue reading

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Get those environmental papers into Dialogue!

Time’s short! If you’ve been thinking of getting something in for this, there is still plenty of time! ‘Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought,’ is planning an issue devoted to Mormonism and the Environment. For this issue, we would like … Continue reading

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