A movie about not consciousness

With some software (HT/Matsby) I made a movie about not consciousness:


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7 Responses to A movie about not consciousness

  1. Joseph Smidt says:

    Yes, interesting movie and this really makes you think. *For me* I would define what would make you more than just an algorithm is if you have free will. But I guess it is very hard to prove one does or does not have free will.

  2. Joseph Smidt says:

    Oh wait! You made that movie! That’s impressive.

  3. Ahna says:

    Perhaps my very recent argument with my spouse affected my thinking as I watched, but I found it hilarious.

  4. Stan says:

    This isn’t even a reverse touring test. It’s both reversed, inside out and upside down. Awesome! Two buckets of bolts trying to decide if they are conscious. Brilliant! Did you and your wife do the voice tracks?

    Joseph, computer programs can make decisions based on environmental input, just like we can. I bet Steve has seen or heard of some programs that might even be kinda freakishly… human. So, a clever programmer taught the program how to make decisions. Is that really that different from an extremely obedient child being taught by their parents? I think I would throw into your definition the ability to make independent, rational decisions in completely new and unanticipated situations then take action on those decisions without destroying itself or its environment. Any such machine would be a suitable replacement for us clumsy humans. =:)

  5. S.Faux says:

    Loved it. I will be showing my students this. But, please do not take this compliment as a sign of my consciousness.

  6. Mrs.Andy says:

    So much fun to watch! That guy robot really is on top of things. I can’t help thinking that the girl robot was baiting him with a trap like the “I’m not pretty” routine girls like to play. He totally refuses to fall for that! So what if she doesn’t think she’s sentient – he’s believes she is and he’s going to treat her that way regardless of what she believes (or has been programmed to say.) I think I like this little robot guy.

  7. CK Rock says:

    I think you should have made her say “I’m a toaster. A frakkin’ toaster!”

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