A New Book and Discussion: Wandering Realities

Wandering RealitiesMy new book, Wandering Realities, was recently released by Zarahemla Books. I was thinking that some of the stories might be worth discussing, as they deal with spiritual, scientific, and ethical conundrums. Even so they are mostly fun. Look at the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads or here at Standard Examiner.

I thought it might be fun to have a discussion about some of the stories. And this might

be the perfect forum to have them in.

You can get Kindle, itunes, and Nook copies for fairly inexpensively.

So on September 20th we will begin discussing the first story, “Avek who is Distributed” and discuss what happens when an AI wants to be baptized.

Evolving FaithIn late October the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Studies is publishing my book Evolving Faith: Wanderings of a Mormon Biologist as a part of their Living Faith series. Which is a serious look at the relationship between faith and science and other explorations on the topic of living a religious life vis-à-vis the natural world. I plan to do a similar discussion about that book when it comes out. For now though, let’s cut our teeth on some fiction!




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