About the Blog

The Mormon Organon (named after Aristotle’s book on logic), explores issues in science and religion. It is serious, satirical, and meant to be fun and informative.  I am especially going to focus on understanding science, the place of evolution and ecology in the LDS faith.

Welcome to my always amazing, irreverent, and bumbling blog on all things science and religion. Some entries are serious. Some are not. I am very earnest in my belief in evolution and the purpose of this blog is to explore what that means for religion and in particular my faith Mormonism. Some rules of thumb. First, I don’t believe everything I write. Some things I’m just trying on for size.  Some things I say are polemical and I’m saying things to provoke who all take themselves very seriously. I do not take myself very seriously. Second, this is a moderated blog. If you call me an idiot I probably won’t put it in. If you call me an idiot and explain clearly why I am, I will (it is easily accomplished by the way, so it will not be an impressive achievement if you pull it off). If you want to engage in Ad Hominem attacks start with my spelling and grammar, it’s easy, obvious to everyone, and never far from the truth.  There are going to be three broad themes to this blog: Evolution, environment, religion, science and ethics. OK five broad themes.

 So here is a list of up coming topics:

  1. Why is it vital that Mormons embrace evolution?
  2. Adam and the Homo line. Real questions and a few possibilities.
  3. What’s scientifically relevant in a church’s discourse?
  4. Why string theory is science and 911 conspiracy theories are not?
  5. Why some of the things from FARMS should be boiled in their own pudding and a stake of holly driven through their heart.
  6. What is truth? Why the Simpsons have it and Meridian Magazine does not.
  7. What is science? And why don’t my experiments work?
  8. Why the Lamanite DNA question is not scientifically or religiously relevant.
  9. The global warming hoax hoax hoax hoax.
  10. What’s right about materialism?
  11. Consciousness: what is it and how do I get one?
  12. Why does evolution make gay dolphins (and how do I get one)?
  13. Why Sir Author Conon Doyle believed in fairies.
  14. Why I love BYU.
  15. Why right thinking is never wrong (unless it is).
  16. Academic freedom and the idea of a religious university. 


 So if you like parentheses like I do (and I know you do!). Let’s do some thinking about science, religion and why they both matter.