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On guns

In silence I’ve watched the splashes of opinion on Facebook and among blogs on gun control. Mostly because I see the issue framed in such complexity that I knew I could not put up a comment with enough depth to … Continue reading

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Your Christmas gift guide

Having trouble picking which of my books you would like to give for Christmas? Here is a handy guide I’ve created to make it easier! You can read more about them here: A Short Stay in Hell Rifts of Rime … Continue reading

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Wise advice on Sunday School Teaching

From my friend Blair Hodges: “Too often, the Sunday School teacher doesn’t have a sympathetic understanding of the place of science, philosophy, the arts, and history in the lives of young people, consequently, he depreciates, even belittles these branches of … Continue reading

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Scott Parkin’s review of my new book, Rifts of Rime

After all the excitement of this week, I am off on vacation to Maine. But to keep you entertained and well informed, with special permission from AML’s own Scott Parkin, I am reposting his review of my new book, Rifts … Continue reading

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How I teach the ways of science at the Y

There seems to be a mistake people make about the way that BYU science departments function and should be taught. There is a myth spreading through dark corners of the internet that BYU should keep religion and science separate the … Continue reading

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Those who are suspicious of science are missing part of the restoration

Scientific literacy is falling in America. Part of the reason is that its value is being under-appreciated by a larger and larger segment of the population. Suspicions about evolution and climate change have created an atmosphere where two of science’s … Continue reading

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Prometheus: A biologist’s review (Spoilers aplenty)

Spoilers. Lots of them. If you plan to see this movie don’t read this post. Really. This is a movie worth seening if you like riotous movies and are willing to forgive of lots of trip-ups that really don’t make … Continue reading

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Watch a real scientific controversy

It is fun to watch an actual scientific controversy unfold. The fake ones like climate change denial or intelligent design, which are orchestrated for political purposes or reasons of ideology, draw scientists in because the public has been cajoled into … Continue reading

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Unmasking some of the ‘Conspiring men’

Suppose your friend came to you and said that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Suppose he said that he had seen 100 doctors and using best medical practices 98 had told them that he should start treatment immediately. … Continue reading

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Scholar of Moab wins AML Award for best novel published in 2011

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