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Unmasking some of the ‘Conspiring men’

Suppose your friend came to you and said that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Suppose he said that he had seen 100 doctors and using best medical practices 98 had told them that he should start treatment immediately. … Continue reading

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Naomi Oreskes’s talk on ‘Merchants of Doubt’ at BYU

Recently Naomi Oreskes historian of science and author of Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming talked at at the Kennedy Center as part of a special series … Continue reading

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Mormonism and Evolution, Life as Emergent Agential Systems: My Presentation at the Krakow Theology Conference Part II

My talk at the Science and Religion Conference held in Krakow Poland, “What is Life? Theology, Science, and Philosophy” continued (Part I is found here) . . . Life’s processes are often mischaracterized as a simple reductive scheme that misses … Continue reading

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Thought Experiment August: A ‘Hunger Games’ Style Death-match with Yourself

(Remember folks, in a thought experiment you can do anything! To say, “That’s impossible!” is not allowed!) So I’ve been reading Hunger Games (which I highly recommend), and a devilishly conceived thought experiment presents itself. Aliens come to Earth with … Continue reading

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Thought-experiment August: What if you are just a minor character in a computer game

BCC’s Ronan introduced me to the work of Nick Bostrom, an Oxford Philosopher. He writes and thinks on technology and ethics issues. He has a fascinating line of reasoning. He argues that quite possibly we are living in a simulation, … Continue reading

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Thought-experiment August: Pick your alien invasion

Alien beings have scanned your brain and determined you are the perfect person to conduct a little ethics experiment. They are immensely powerful trans-dimensional beings, but almost entirely void of ethical thinking. They relish doing ethics experiments, to see what … Continue reading

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Thought-experiment August: Your new Z11 robot

It is Thought Experiment August! Time to once again put on your thinking caps and ponder the dicey issues of modern thought. I’ve explored the issues related to allowing artificial life into your religious community here and what it might … Continue reading

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Ecology and Economics: Betting against science

Everything living depends on ecology. The planet’s hydrologic cycles provide the water that we use for agriculture and industry. Everything you’ve eaten today depended upon soil ecologies, the carbon cycle–driven largely by photosynthesis, insects, and countless other ecosystem processes. Consider, … Continue reading

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The models of climate change

I just returned from the MS4 conference. It is the fourth year that a group of philosophers of science have gathered to try to tease apart the implications of computer simulation in science. My interest in computer simulation is in … Continue reading

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Thought-experiment August: (4) Should you shoot Sally to save the girls?

Here’s a twist on a classic ethics thought-experiment. You are high on a hill with a high-powered rifle and scope and you know you never miss (you are an ex-navy sniper say), even with a moving target. Down below on … Continue reading

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