Copies of you

Is this future possible in a Mormon context?


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  1. Julius says:

    If it is physically possible, it must be theologically possible. My guess is that the question you raise is whether a person’s soul might follow him/her into the new body. I suspect that God alone knows, though I’d think that this would be the case. My brother has mentioned to that from his doctor point of view, this is the Resurrection–the point where we humans learn to extend life through physical means into the eternities. Gives a whole new perspective to the term “work for the dead”.

  2. Last Lemming says:

    The only thing that does not work in a Mormon context is the implantation of false memories. Personally, I find the implantation of true memories to be the biggest stumbling block.

    Nice twist, by the way.

  3. Jack says:

    That’s like George Washington’s ax. The head’s been replaced twice and the handle three times. But there it is hanging in the museum for all to see.

  4. NormaK says:

    Hey There Sciencebysteve,
    Thanks for your thoughts, I have read both the book of Mormon and the bible, and I didn’t notice any contradictions. I do know that Mormon DOCTRINE and a lot of things in their other books (pearl of great price & doctrine and covenants) contradict the Bible, but I keep hearing Christians say that the Book of Mormon contradicts the Bible. Can someone give me specific verses from the Book of Mormon that contradict the Bible?

  5. Cap says:

    I think so. I just think it would be a messy circumstance of figuring out who was the real one and then resolving that it doesn’t matter and building individual experiences that make each copy unique. In this I don’t think you can deny that they both deserve exaltation. I think the how (spirit/body, memory) can all be figured out.

  6. Shawn Henson says:

    Hi Sciencebysteve,
    Very interesting, I’m Mormon. I’m not talking about the people who have 800 wives, because that is SO wrong! That only happened in 1800 because there were less men. Thanks! Details please
    Keep up the good work

  7. G’Day! Sciencebysteve,
    I just stumbled across this and, Hii
    What actually is a Mormon ?
    ‘Cause i always here people saying bad things about mormons and they make them out to be kinda weird and i dont even know what a mormon is really
    And im just woundering what are there beliefs and what stuff can an cant they do ?
    I’ll be back to read more next time

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  10. Rich says:

    Looks like you’re getting spammed Steve. In an LDS context, we should not be able to exist with only a reconstituted memory imprint, as we are told spirit+body=soul; if the spirit is gone, so is the soul (by definition). Do cloned cells in a petri dish have souls? Anyway, if sentient humans with personalities, etc. could exist in this future, one core tenant of our theology would have to be discarded (or at least re-examined). Interesting story idea.

  11. Rootieboy says:

    Mormon or not, the brain is a biological computer. It is the most complex CPU and an amazing hard drive. If you are a Mormon you are encouraged to learn as much as you can in this life. If something like this does become possible, don’t discredit it by saying that it is unethical or immoral. Don’t even count it out as impossible. Perhaps it is just a step in learning about resurrection.

  12. Rootieboy says:

    PS: Don’t click on my name in my first post. It will bring you to a random domain site. My second copy is the real blog site that it should bring you to. Or is it?

  13. Uncertain says:

    Great story! I really enjoyed it made me think. Personally I think as written it is compatible with LDS theology. The body has traditionally been seen as a container for the soul what does it matter if the soul switches identical containers? As has been pointed out this is more or less what happens with resurrection. What I think is interesting is extending this example. What about when a copy is made but the original is still alive? Whose soul inhabits the copy? Does it have a soul at all? Assuming the copies do have souls. What if a copy was made of a serial killer the copy would be indistinguishable from the original and presumably would keep killing. Does the soul that was shoehorned into the copy bear responsibility for the evil acts committed by the copy?

  14. Jim C says:

    My mother in law, who lived her entire life as a good Mormon Christian, ended her life with the effects of brain damage (blood clot etc.) For the final 12 years of her existence she floated in and out of a memory nightmare where she was in a constant state of confusion as to what decade of her eighty seven years of living she was in and the constant tears of horror at not remembering where she left her young children.(By then they were all in there 40s and 50s). Being brain dead would have been a gift.(I’ll skip the retched details). Me, being the only family member who had long ago passed on any form of “faith” and being surrounded by die hard texas, “iron rod” Mormons, I was dumb founded as to the constant conversation that ensued every time I visited as to where their mothers “sole” was. Was Mother in there? If not, where would she be, they would wonder. I’ll skip all that should be said as to why this good person and faithful Mormon saint and her husband was put through a living hell by her (there) God, of going through one “ground hog day” after another for over 4500 days and concentrate on the notion that there is such a thing as a sole, that just needs a hunk of meat to attach its self to that is in better shape than the one they’ve been with. A hussy sole, that will “hang out” in anybody (literally). Maybe her “sole” found some young fresh chick to leach on to and she’s living the life she would have wanted, because in the end, of her first body, her faith and God sure didn’t serve her very well. . . Sole shifters . . . Really?

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