Get those environmental papers into Dialogue!

Time’s short! If you’ve been thinking of getting something in for this, there is still plenty of time!

‘Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought,’ is planning an issue devoted to Mormonism and the Environment. For this issue, we would like to invite select papers related to this topic, including academic articles, personal essay, creative non-fiction, fiction, and media reviews. The subject of this issue is broad, but should engage with LDS perspectives about the environment directly. Because the papers must be selected by July 25th, 2010, please let me know if you would like to make a contribution and send me a brief outline of your topic to determine whether it fits in with the aims for this issue.

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4 Responses to Get those environmental papers into Dialogue!

  1. Rich says:

    It’s disheartening how many LDS I know consider environmental concerns a non-issue. “Jesus is coming to clean up our mess and turn the earth into green Jell-o anyway” I hear all too often (okay, words to that effect). I feel like telling them, “Yes, Jesus IS coming, with a big bucket and a mop, and after he kicks our collective a$$es for trashing his garden planet, is going to make us clean it up.”

    On the bright side, KSL announced they are cleaning up their airwaves environment by dropping demagogue Sean Hannity. There is a small glimmer of hope yet.

  2. S.Faux says:


    Be sure to see the movie Creation on DVD.

  3. KHerrick says:

    What an excellent and timely topic! I’ve been studying at an Eastern University that puts a great deal of emphasis on environmental issues and I’d love to contribute to this issue. Do you know where I can send in my essay? Where/who/etc.? Thanks!

  4. KHerrick says:

    And by Eastern University, I mean East coast of the U.S. Not Middle Eastern. Just to clarify.

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