Greetings from Dakar

Sorry not to have posted for a while, I’m in Dakar, Senegal working on tsetse fly problems and the prep for this trip has slowed me down a bit. But I wanted to give you a heads up that good things are on the way!

Coming up:

A short post on Tsetse fly control and how it could save millions of lives and help tsetse-belt nations rise out of poverity (the fly attacks people (Sleeping Sickness) and livestock which are used for protein and to pull plows) and how evolutionary biology is providing solutions to combating these bad flies.

We’ll continue our survey of other religions’ responses to a compatible view of evolution and Faith. Next up Islam. But another I think you’ll find very interesting is a post that looks at French philosopher Henri Bergson’s ideas that explore a purposeful universe without teleology (yes you heard that right!). As an added bonus in this post we will revisit the debate between Stephen J. Gould and Morris Conway on the implications of convergent evolution for purpose and teleology in the universe.

Also coming up is, “So you want to learn something about modern evolutionary biology.” I’ll review what I think are the best books to get you started on your evolutionary career. I’ll explore, a) getting the basic biology right; b) Faithful evolution; c) Intelligent design. There have been a number of biological and philosophical responses of late to expose this form of evangelical creationism as non-science and we’ll explore which ones to choose depending on how deep you want to go into the topic. Also, some great new books on the Dover Trial may be worth checking out.

So hang on! Exciting things are on their way as we continue to explore evolution and our faith. But I’ll be here for a week so things might seem a little slow. But keep checking!

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  1. Bookslinger says:

    There are many of Wolof-speaking Senegalese in Indianapolis, IN, USA. I’ve probably met at least 30.

    They are cool people, and almost all have accepted a free copy of the LDS Wolof translation of “Gospel Fundamentals”.

    Jamm ak jamm.

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