How the Mother of Vampiro Rojo de Santanás Died at the Hand of the Ethicless Thing

I’ve been too busy of late to write any science posts, but here is a little science fiction piece of mine that was just published today. The title probably leaves you with questions, but first, for your convenience, let me translate the the title. In English the title is: How the mother of Satan’s Red Vampire Died at the Hand of the Ethicless Thing. Now the questions this title probably drew from you might include: Who or what is Satan’s Red Vampire? Why does it have a Spanish name? Who or what was his/her/its Mother? How did she die? Why did I invent the word ‘Ethicless?’ Why not say immoral or bad? What sort of ‘Thing” killed this fine mother? From whose perspective was the ‘Thing’ Ethicless? And does it really have a hand? Did the killing of the mother have a role it it being called ‘Ethicless’ or was it its ‘Ethiclessness’ what drove it to kill? How did the ethicless thing encounter the Mother of Satan’s Red Vampire? And since this is straight up serious SciFi (it has words in it like ‘Higgs’ and ‘Quantum’ so you know it’s legit) why do Satan and Vampires appear in it? Why Red? Why not a blue Vampire? And did Satan’s Red Vampire have a father? Why isn’t he mentioned in the title? Does that mean he does not appear in the story? Or does he arrive Darth Vader-like as a revelation to someone Luke-like? So see? You should read it just to answer these questions and since it’s not post-modern (Well not very. I do tend to launch stories in the middle of the action and end them the same way leaving open the question when the piece started what was beginning? ?nd when the story ceased what ended?) these questions are answered! But first you must read it. It can be found here.

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  1. Ami Chopine says:

    I loved it. I haven’t read enough science fiction that really takes into account where the future is headed in regards to information technology, AI, and it’s integration into biology on several levels.

    Also, ethicless – great word invention. It sounds like its definition. Don’t know if that makes sense, but there it is.

    Thanks for the great read.

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