Mormons and Evolution

Myself, my longtime friend, BYU colleague and mentor, Duane Jeffery, and my buddy the always entertaining James McLachlan, conviene with the amazing Dan Wotherspoon for nearly a couple of hours discussion and commentary on the LDS Church and its historical and contemporary relationship with Evolution.

Click here to go to the Mormon Matters Podcast Site.

(Don’t forget to explore the links at the bottom of that page for some great information about the topic.)

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6 Responses to Mormons and Evolution

  1. Cap says:

    Just downloaded the Podcast. Can’t wait to listen to it!!

  2. raedyohed says:

    Well done, very nice to hear from you, James, and the man, Dr. Duane Jeffery. Some great historical details came out, that I have not come across, or had forgotten, in spite of lots of reading on the controversy throughout the 1900’s.

  3. JJP says:

    I listened to it yesterday and I thought it was very good and enlightening. Well done!

  4. Dusty R. says:

    Great. I shared this on Facebook expecting to get responses from LDS friends, and it has generated responses from several people, all of whom were not LDS. 🙂 It seemed to help others understand the history of evolution in our church, which is good.

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  6. marilyn says:

    Downloading now. Dr Jeffery was the highlight of my bio major at BYU, and he was my honors thesis adviser. Would you mind forwarding me his email address? I’m coming back to BYU and would love a chance to reconnect with him!

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