My Madness

So about six years ago after picking up a bacterial brain disease while doing research in Vietnam I went insane. In the just released issue of Dialogue – A Journal of Mormon Thought, I describe what this was like. Most people who know me agree that I never recovered and am still quite mad. Actually, for all I know I am living out a quiet life in a state institution and am currently shuffling toward a rec. room to sit in front of daytime TV. That makes more sense than believing I am doing a Sabbatical in Vienna, where I think I now am. In any case, if any of you imaginary readers want to read my imaginary publication it is in the current issue of Dialogue (Volume 41, Number 2 / Summer 2008):

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6 Responses to My Madness

  1. E Rich says:

    On page 7 so far…a fascinating read…

  2. S.Faux says:

    Your link does not direct the reader to an electronic copy. Is there a way to get an electronic copy?

    Anyway, I enjoy your evolutionary thoughts, but in my case you are preaching to the choir.

  3. steve says:

    I need to check with Dialogue to make sure it’s OK to post a digital copy. I signed off my first publication rights and want to post it all legal-like. Especially since it just came out.

  4. Ashley Haug says:

    Dr. Peck,

    My husband has a subscription to Dialogue, and we were delighted to see your story in the latest issue. I’ve heard you tell your story in ecology and history/philosophy of biology. Both times all of us students thought it was a great and hilarious story, if a bit frightening, and wished you would write it down somewhere. But after reading it in Dialogue, I realized that there is little about it that is actually funny. Those memories are real, not just something that you look back on and see as a dream. I can’t imaging how awful that would have been to have your whole reality altered. It really does raise some interesting and difficult questions, as you said in your article. Thanks for sharing your experience! Hope your sabbatical is going well.

    Ashley (from some of your classes and Borrowed Earth)

  5. E Rich says:

    I was able to find a PDF version of your article after much googling, but maybe it helped since I was on the BYU network (and the library here has subscriptions to many journals).

    I printed it out and shared it with my wife, who is a psych major. Really a quite remarkable experience, and very glad that it had a happy ending.

  6. steve says:

    Thanks for your comments one in all? and a special hello to you Ashley. It was good to hear from you.

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