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My Scientific Hero

It was in fifth grade that I decided to become a scientist. The inspiration came not because I actually new what a scientist did, but through a book. Before I had read this revelatory text, my impression of what scientists … Continue reading

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The evangelical atheists and Mormon anti-evolutionists have joined forces

My belief in God is not founded on evidence from the physical world. I believe because I am in a relationship with Him. I’ve gotten to know Him. I recognize his voice in others. I want to argue that some … Continue reading

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Tsetse flies: Why evolution and climate change matter

I thought I would give you a sense of my work in science to give a better context for what I do for a living. Plus since it involves both evolution and climate change it gives me a chance to … Continue reading

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Removing the lion-skin from the donkey

I am often amazed that Intelligent Design as gained such following among certain members of the church. Perhaps because it seems to have the ring of things we do believe. I mean we do believe that God is Intelligent after … Continue reading

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Schenk Forest and Orchards

As I contemplate the New Year, I’ve been thinking about manmade semi-wild places and what they mean to me. I’m about to teach a class called Religion and the Environment. I’ve watched with interest the debates this year about protecting … Continue reading

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Flying Monkeys Illustrate the Evolution of Religion (as I win a bike race against an invisible rider)

To get at the possibility of the evolution of spirituality let’s take a diversion into current attempts by evolutionary biologists to explain the evolution of religion. Pascal Boyer speculates that religion arose as part of evolving human cognitive abilities. First, … Continue reading

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Dueling Dualists: In which I use the word screwywompous

“Ah, good, Data. At least you’re functioning.” “Fully, Captain.” “Data, intoxication is a human condition. Your brain is different, not the same as–” “We are more alike than unlike, my dear Captain. I have pores, humans have pores. I have … Continue reading

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My Abstract for the Evolution: the Experince Conference

Evolution: the Experience is an upcoming confrence held in Melbourne, Australia in February 2009: Here is a discription. 2009 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, and the 150th anniversary of his landmark publication On the Origin … Continue reading

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Guest Blogging at By Common Consent

If I’ve seemed slow on this site, it’s because I’m guest blogging over at By Common Consent. Plus, as everyone who knows me knows, I’m lazy. I’ve done four over there so far: The dead thing in my can of … Continue reading

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Back to the Dark Ages

Omar Nasiri author of Inside the Jihad is quoted in the New York Review of Books as saying: We are totally dependent on the West—for our dishwashers, our clothes, our cars, our education, everything. It is humiliating and every Muslim … Continue reading

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