Why evolution matters to LDS Theology

There seems to be a temptation to borrow Christian fundamentalist creationist ideas and literature and twist it into a muddle that LDS theology should embrace. As if taking things from middle ages theologies and slapping it onto the restoration was a good idea. Evolution is one of the most powerful ideas to enter into human knowledge from a scientific perspective since Newton and earlier. Here is a podcast in which I explore reasons why I think evolution fits beautifully into Mormonism and its novel ideas of an embodied god and eternal progression. Reading creationist literature to learn about evolution is like reading 19th Century anti-Mormon literature to find out about the LDS Church: It’s outdated, wrong, and frankly so juvenilely lacking any scientific merit that you have to be fairly scientifically uniformed to be taken in by it.


The website Exploring Sainthood has a two part podcast where I discuss these ideas.

The first part if found here.

And part II is found here.

Don’t give into the inclination of the anti-science crowd (often posing as scientifically literate and friendly, but they are not) and dismiss one of the most beautiful ideas around. Science and Mormonism are the yin and yang of earthly knowledge. Both important. Both complement each other. Those who argue you must choose between them are missing something important.

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  1. Joseph Smidt says:

    Thanks SteveP. However, from what I understand, your idea is that God lives in the same universe as the rest of us and has so from eternity. (Correct me if I am wrong)

    I think Mormon intellectuals need to take modern cosmology seriously just as biologists have room to claim we should take evolution seriously. The problem is, as I describe in my last two blog posts, modern cosmology all but rules out the idea the universe has a finite past. Which is why atheist physicists who understand this, like Krauss and Hawking, are frantically trying to explain how you can get a universe from nothing. If they had reason to believe it is past-eternal, this would not be necessary step for them.

    Now, you may not agree with this but given the scientific evidence that the universe is not past-eternal has been mounting for the last century, people are advised to note that momentum/pattern.

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